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Organic networks

Tentation Bio  specializes in the setting up of networks for the supply of secured organic raw materials on behalf of French and European industrialists.

For over 15 years on the organic market, Tentation Bio has acquired a good knowledge of the markets and operators, on a European and international level.
Tentation Bio has always been committed to developing family farms and placing real value on them, especially in South America, and more particularly in Brazil. But in order to meet some specific  demands,  Tentation Bio has been lead to investigate other countries.

Tentation Bio works on behalf of industrialists of the organic market (mainly food, feed, cosmetic and fashion markets). As already described in the welcome page, the industrialists are looking for some specific raw materials, that are in shortage or even can’t be found in their country. Tentation Bio can then meet their demand offering secured and traced organic farming networks:

  • market study product/country
  • Organisation of  organic farming groups that meet the requirements of industrialists (quantity and quality)
  • Setting up of farming contracts
  • Audit in place in  the country with or on behalf of the buyers in order to check and confirm all parameters (product conformity, quality, quantity, price, logistic…)

Audit is essential to set up the  organic networks and all those set up since 2007 are still in existence and enjoying annual improvements in terms of quantity and quality thanks to the regular checks in place which allow growers and insutrialists to express their respective needs. Tentation Bio promotes direct  and transparent contacts between farmers and industrialists that share a common interest and have a long term vision of the business relationships.  We don’t just speak about business. We promote and set up a long term partnership based on trust and transparence. The industrialists can have  a perfect traceability of their raw materials and the growers are granted to be bought their production on a long term and under special conditions.

Organic Farming enables a sustainable growth for the growers as well as for the industrialists. We are in the true logic of the real fair trade.

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