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Tentation Bio

Tentation Bio specializes in the setting up of networks for the supply of organic raw materials on behalf of French and European industrialists who wish to control their external sources of supply in terms of guarantees and traceability.

Very logic behind organic

photo 4The very logic behind organic farming is to privilege local natural resources as far as possible and make them viable. However, some organic raw materials are not available on national markets or not in sufficient quantities and their import becomes essential if the quantitative needs of businesses are to be satisfied.

photo 3As organic farming is a sensitive market, the careful selection of partners is paramount. Tentation Bio has always been committed to developing family farms and placing real value on them, especially in South America, and more particularly in Brazil. Organic farming allows a true value to be put on the production of small farmers, thereby enabling them to leave the constraints of conventional farming methods which are generally destructive and alienating; in effect, when they have no option but to farm for the multinationals who provide them with GMO seeds, growers find themselves obliged to purchase these genetically-modified seeds year after year, as natural replanting from one year to the next does not occur (unlike with non-GMO seeds). In addition to this extremely high cost of seeds, there is the cost of a whole range of pesticides which are essential for the growth of the genetically modified plants. The pesticides become less and less effective as resistance increases, thereby necessitating a greater use of pesticides which are more and more harmful for both man and nature.

photo 2The only positive thing to emerge from this appalling state of affairs is that some medium-sized South-American growers, who have seen the yield of their neighbours’ organic farms equalling or overtaking their own in drought conditions, are starting to think about reconverting to conventional farming methods. However, this means of production remains costly. This is why they are turning naturally but very gradually towards farming methods that are 100% organic and that enable them to regain their independence and, in many cases, their health, too.

photo 1Tentation Bio works exclusively on organic and sustainable networks; all those set up since 2007 are still in existence and enjoying annual improvements in terms of quantity and quality, thanks to the regular checks in place which allow growers and industrialists to express their respective needs.

Today, Tentation Bio is turning its attentions to “Brazil Fashion” and is more than ever at the service of small-scale organic producers. This time it is a question of putting a truer value on both the raw materials and the finished product. Visit our “Showroom” to discover products that are entirely hand-sewn by couturiers from north-eastern Brazil, under the direction of a highly-committed designer.